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Product Showcase: Introducing the Beauty Booster treatment

Product Showcase: Introducing the Beauty Booster treatment

Whether it’s genetics, environment or weather, dull, dry and dehydrated skin can be frustrating to fix, often resulting in an aged and tired-looking complexion (which nobody wants!). The Beauty Booster treatment is a new skincare concept that can turn this around.

Offering a non-surgical solution to more radiant, youthful skin, the unique Beauty Booster treatment will have you looking and feeling great with little to no downtime.

Not only will your skin appear softer and more hydrated but it will also be radiant and glowing like never before.

So, what is the Beauty Booster?

Beauty Booster is a unique hydration treatment protocol that is completely customised to your own individual skin concerns – be it dehydration, dullness, fine lines or wrinkles.

Recently launched in Australia, this amazing new treatment can help you achieve a wide range of benefits, including tighter, firmer skin on the face, lower eyelid, forehead, neck, décolletage and hands.

What can you expect?

The Beauty Booster treatment is quick, precise and effective and will usually take just 30 minutes.

The practitioner will first apply a numbing cream on the treatment area. This is followed by a series of fine micro-injections using the latest multi-injection equipment, containing a hydrating treatment, evenly spread over your whole face.

The hydrator is made up of a variety of skin-boosting ingredients, including amino acids, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. This hero combination helps trigger collagen production, resulting in the regeneration and nourishment of your skin.

Following the injections, the practitioner completes the treatment using the range of Teoxane Cosmeceutical – Post Procedure Fluid and Deep Repair Balm and with Oxygenetix Foundation, your treatment will remain a secret unless you decide to tell someone!

You can expect minimal pain or discomfort, as well as minimal downtime. Any bruising usually subsides within a few days.


The Beauty Booster treatment has a whole range of exciting benefits and can completely transform the appearance and feel of your skin.

Immediately after your first treatment session your skin will look less creased, more hydrated and supple. Not only will the Beauty Booster treatment have an immediate plumping effect, improving elasticity and hydration, but your skin will also appear noticeably radiant and glowing. After a few treatments results are visibly lighter, smoother, and softer skin.

Results usually last for about 12 months post-treatment and a few Beauty Booster treatments are recommended about two to four weeks apart, with six-monthly top-ups to maintain your results.

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